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Welcome to Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons or ATM for short.

On these pages you will find various ATM lessons to help you become more aware of how much better your body functions with a little 'kick start' before any type of activity and how to relax it after too much activity!

Once you've tried these lessons you may want to order the ATM paperback, audio book or both! Please visit the Feldenkrais® Store to order your selection of Awareness Through Movement® products.

Please click on the lesson below of your choosing.

Are you new to Feldenkrais®? Click here for an introduction of how to prepare and how to get the most from your ATM lesson.


Tight Shoulders? Click here for a quick 4 minute fix on how to get those shoulder muscles to relax and feel less stressed.

Tight Lower Back? Click here for an easy way to loosen up those lower back muscles to get you bending easily in no time! a gentle way to start out the day. Try it - we think you'll like it!


Flexible Fingers! Click here to learn how to improve the mobility in your fingers. Especially good for those with osteoarthritis or who do repetitive keyboarding.

Look Up! Click here to learn a great exercise that not only gives you greater range and less pain when looking up; it also gives you an interesting lesson on 'imagination.' Great for those who stare at computer screens.


ROME! Range of Movement made Easy. Click here to learn how to maximize your range of movement in your neck. It won't have you seeing around corners but you will learn how to move your neck with ease.


Thousands of people have benefited from Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons; however, we cannot anticipate the needs and/or limitations of individuals. The material contained in these lessons is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult your doctor or physiotherapist if you have any concerns. Responsibility for the lessons is strictly that of the user.

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