Here is a great collection of videos that help explain the Feldenkrais Method®  Click, watch, learn and enjoy!

Watch Moshe Feldenkrais in CERN in Educational & How-To  


 View Sandra Bradshaw's Channel on YouTube
Thanks to the internet there is a myriad of feldenkrais movement videos out there. We are delighted with the growth of our YouTube channel to support you with quick demonstrations and help you understand Feldenkrais. We would love to hear from you, so please leave your comments. 

Judo Feldenkrais® Style
This video is a great example of starting with small movements to increase your ability to move effortlessly. Moshe Feldenkrais was a black belt in judo and you can see this relationship in many of the lessons. 



Taking it off the Feldenkrais® Way
Taking off a T-shirt or pull-over sweater can be difficult if you have limited mobility. Feldenkrais® is about learning to use your body in different ways to make movements easier on you. Try it!


Improve Your Coordination

Use this lesson to improve your coordination by spiralling from a standing position to a sitting position. A great video that shows how going slow with small movements can take you places.



Align Your Feet for Natural Running
It's important to ensure your feet are aligned properly before you attempt natural running. Notice your natural stance and how to correct it to ensure you are properly aligned and ready to run!

Recruit Your Glutes

Recruit Your Glutes
Do you feel you lack strength when running, cycling, skiing or any other activity that requires lower body strength? Do you suffer from low back pain, have difficulty standing up, or climbing the stairs? If this is the case it may be that your gluteal muscles are not working properly. To find out if your gluteus muscles are working, or how to reactivate them, follow along with this video.



How to Climb a Ladder Safely
Whether you’re climbing ladders or rock faces, the same principles apply. For people with arthritic knees, hips or any other joint problems, it becomes even more important to use your body effectively when you’re engaged in challenging activities like climbing. This short video shows you how to climb safely and effectively. 






The Eyes and Whiplash
Whiplash affects more than your neck. It affects your eyes as well. Follow along with this simple video and watch how by relearning to use peripheral vision you release the muscles of the neck and improve your ability to turn. Also great for those who stare at a computer screen all day.


Living with Arthritis I - Improve Your Hip Mobility
Wendy has a form of arthritis called ankylosing spondylitis. She has limitations with range of motion including crossing her right leg over her left. We did this using small easy movements that relate to the function of lifting her leg and resulted in easier, pain free movement. 

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