Before You Start


Welcome to Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®. These lessons are designed to boost your capacity to move effortlessly.

The movement sequences presented here are not traditional exercises and they require a different approach. Here are some TIPS FOR SUCCESS.

Before you begin the lesson remove your watch and jewelry and wear comfortable clothing conducive to movement. Ideally choose a firm level surface for sitting or lying such as a kitchen chair or a carpeted floor. However, if you find this uncomfortable you may do these lessons in an easy chair or in bed.

Move within your comfort zone which is generally about 60% of your capacity. The improvement in range and ability will come automatically as you explore and understand your movement patterns.

Make your movements slow and pleasurable. Your nervous system is designed to respond to two types of stimuli, pain and pleasure. If a movement feels good your system will relax and allow you to continue with growing ease but if a movement causes discomfort resistance and restriction will persist.

Pause between each repetition. The pause obliges you to pay attention each time you initiate a movement so that it won’t become mindless. Remember, this is about awareness and if you want to change your habitual movement patterns you have to become aware of what you’re doing.

Let your breathing be unhurried and easy. Don’t hold your breath and don’t over breathe. As you relax you’ll find that your breathing will automatically become more natural.

If you feel tension, discomfort or pain, you’ve doing too much so with the next repetition decrease your effort.
If a movement continues to cause discomfort or pain, imagine it.  Using your kinesthetic imagination causes the motor neurons to fire as if you were actually doing the movement. You can do an entire lesson this way and effect measureable physical changes in your body.

Rest frequently! Your brain won’t absorb information if you’re fatigued or uncomfortable. The rests also give your nervous system a chance to absorb the information gathered during each movement sequence.

If, for any reason you’re in doubt about your ability to do these lessons consult a Feldenkrais® practitioner or physiotherapist.



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Thousands of people have benefited from Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons; however, we cannot anticipate the needs and/or limitations of individuals. The material contained in these lessons is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult your doctor or physiotherapist if you have any concerns. Responsibility for the lessons is strictly that of the user.

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