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Hola a todos

December 28, 2018

  Hola a todos (Hi Everyone), I wish you a wonderful holiday season and all good things in the... [full story]

Dynamic Stability and the Art of Falling

November 19, 2018

  Moti Nativ’s two day workshop, Dynamic Stability and the Art of Falling was amazing. Through Moti’s explanations I was able to see more clearly the connection between the Feldenkrais... [full story]

What's a Shoulder Well and Why Would You Need One?

October 9, 2018

You probably have a preferred side to sleep on which works well until you have an injured shoulder. When that happens putting pressure on the shoulder causes discomfort and... [full story]

What You Feel in Your Back May Be Related to Your Hip Joints

July 18, 2018

    Are you having issues with your low back? Chances are your hip joints are probably involved as well as your back. In the following video Keira, an *ABM practitioner from... [full story]

Udderly Feldenkrais

June 12, 2018

  Udderly Feldenkrais: Granny's Feldenkrais® Movement Lesson   Feldenkrais is fun! No matter what your age or physical condition there are lessons that will help you feel... [full story]

Synchronizing the Glutes and the Abs for Good Core Organization

April 2, 2018

  Core strength is really about core organization. For any movement to be easy your brain must direct the muscles fibre involved to fire in a certain... [full story]

The Straight Goods on Chronic Pain—The Evidence Is Compelling

February 22, 2018

  Hello! It’s great to be back home after 6 weeks in Puerto Vallarta.  During... [full story]

Myth Buster: Why Core Strength Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

November 8, 2017

Low back pain is endemic in our culture and a good part of the problem stems from holding in the belly. You heard it here first! Holding in the belly does not improve your posture or save your back. Watch the following... [full story]

How to Alleviate Discomfort in Your Knee

October 13, 2017

How a simple and effective strategy moves clients forward towards complete recovery. You've had a knee injury and it's 80% better but that last 20% of the recovery process alludes you. You could... [full story]

How Do You Choose an Office Chair?

September 11, 2017

The other day I received this email from a client: Hi Sandra!   I have an opportunity at work to pick out a desk chair. Can you provide any tips on what to look for when purchasing... [full story]

How to Release Shoulder Tension in Less Than Five Minutes

August 3, 2017

Have you noticed how your shoulders rise in direct proportion to the number of tasks you have to perform on any given day? Some of my clients tell me by the afternoon on a work day they feel like their neck has... [full story]

Foot Position Determines Body Tension

July 5, 2017

 Most of us take it for granted that as the day wears on the level of tension in the... [full story]

Experience Feldenkrais in Naramata

June 7, 2017

 with ROB BLACK, SANDRA BRADSHAW and BRENT KISILEVICH Summer will soon be here! We probably all need some R&R after a longer/colder than normal winter followed by excessive rain this spring.... [full story]

Sussin Shaler

May 3, 2017

It is with appreciation to announce Susinn Shaler will be joining me at my studio to offer sessions to clients. With my practice full, I am delighted to have more options available to my clients. We will announce our new... [full story]

Water Runs Easily Downhill So Why Can’t We?

April 12, 2017

All the while you’re running or hiking up a steep grade you’re probably thinking how much better it’s going to get... [full story]

Do It Hard or Do It Easy: How to take your shirt off when you have a limited range of motion

March 6, 2017

When we’ve always done something in a certain way, it never occurs to us there may be other options that are easier and perhaps even more efficient. Last week one of my clients complained she was having difficulty... [full story]

What to Do When Opening the Mouth Is Difficult

February 1, 2017

“Enjaw” Yourself with an Out-of-the-Box Strategy You open and close your mouth multiple times every day. It’s a simple action until you have restrictions in the jaw. Eating, talking, breathing,... [full story]

If You Can’t Bend Your Knees You’re Hooped

January 11, 2017

Our knee joints are among the most important joints of the body. If you can’t bend your knees or have difficulty bending your knees it precludes participation in almost every activity available to us humans. Winter... [full story]

Driving Tips: Shoulder Checking Made Easy

December 7, 2016

  Do you have difficulty shoulder checking while driving?   This month's video reveals why leaning back while driving restricts movement to look over your shoulder, and how one small change... [full story]

Embrace Feldenkrais to Re-train Your Brain

November 1, 2016

Why did I write my book? Or more to the point why should you read "Wake Up Your Body and Brain"? ... [full story]

How to Lift a Heavy Suitcase into the Overhead Bin on an Airplane

July 20, 2016

There is nothing easy about lifting something heavy overhead. If you’re a frequent flier you may be doing this more often than you’d like when you put your luggage in the overhead bin. Most people... [full story]

Introduction to Feldenkrais - Recommendation

July 20, 2016

Sandra, I wanted to write to thank you for the time you took to introduce me to Feldenkrais. I have really gained from participating in the movements that you showed me and the additional audio lessons you provided... [full story]

10 Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking

June 6, 2016

 I first came across people using poles when I was hiking in the Rockies in Colorado 20 years ago. At the time I thought it was a great idea for keeping balance while hiking rocky terrain but never thought of it as... [full story]

Your Eyes Affect Your Stride

May 9, 2016

Improve Your Running and Walking Form: Your Eyes Affect Your Stride Did you know that where you look when you walk or run affects the length of your stride? It all has to do with foot/eye coordination. ... [full story]

Living a New Reality—Life After a Bereavement

April 11, 2016

  The other day I received a newsletter from a Feldenkrais practitioner who is recovering from a broken arm. As I read about her journey towards recovery, I realized there were a lot of similarities... [full story]

Living with Arthritis: Breathing Away Pain

March 15, 2016

    Breathe your pain from arthritis away. When you live with arthritis, one method to alleviate, or at least decrease, the pain from arthritis is to breathe it... [full story]

The Infinite Intelligence of Body Work By Paddy Kamen

February 24, 2016

Getting in touch with my body has been quite a journey. Who knew that my mind might have to turn off while I did it with Feldenkrais? ... [full story]

How to Relieve Tension in the Back While Standing

January 29, 2016

Don't let making pea soup cause tension in your back. When the forecast calls for snow, my feet lead me towards the kitchen where the aroma of hearty soups and stews do a lot to lift my spirit. Of course, I have... [full story]

Small Moves—Big Changes: The Mystery and Magic of the Feldenkrais Method

January 22, 2016

Small Moves—Big Changes by Madonna Hamel Last October I was in Kelowna moving the remains of the family home from a locker to my car, the dump, neighbors and thrift stores. The combination of heavy lifting... [full story]

Osteoporosis Facts and Tips

January 6, 2016

Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which the amount and quality of the bone is reduced. People often mistakenly think osteoarthritis is a similar condition but it is a disease of the joints and... [full story]

Strong Healthy Bones and Good Posture Go Together in Bones for Life

December 16, 2015

What is your reality? This....or this? ... [full story]

Multitasking Is Out! Focused Attention Is In!

December 2, 2015

  Multitasking is actually not possible. According to John Medina author of the book, Brain Rules,... [full story]

Pillow Talk

November 16, 2015

Finding the right pillow is a bit like finding the right doctor. You want a good fit and hope you'll never need a replacement. When it comes to pillows it can tricky because you have different requirements when you move... [full story]

When Bagging Leaves, Bend Without Injury

October 17, 2015

October is here and the trees are creating a display of rich golds and royal reds. We appreciate the beauty when the leaves are on the trees but inevitably those same leaves soon need to be raked, bagged and toted to the... [full story]

Relaxation Isn't Just for Weekends and Vacations

October 5, 2015

Relaxation isn't something to be put off until a convenient time. It's a skill... [full story]

Lean into Your Turns for More Comfortable Driving

September 16, 2015

How do you handle the curves in the road? Do you anticipate a turn and allow your body to move... [full story]

The Dog Days of Summer are Upon Us!

August 11, 2015

The dog days of summer are upon us. It’s time to sit back with a cool drink, read a book or contemplate life. It’s also the perfect time to bring out one of my favorite doggy photo from a trip to Hawaii... [full story]

Mindful Eating

June 16, 2015

Physical Exercise and the Brain

May 28, 2015

Physical activity used to be a natural part of life and... [full story]

Hug Away Discomfort in the Shoulder Blades

May 12, 2015

Tension between the shoulder blades is even more common than I thought. Last week alone I had six clients tell me they had discomfort in that area. Having just finished my latest YouTube video (which... [full story]

Belly Tension Impedes Your Ability to Move

March 22, 2015

If I took a poll, in all probability, you would be one of the 80 to 90% of the respondents who says that they are self conscious of their belly and that they make an effort to hold it in. We have this idea that to be healthy... [full story]

The Squat Song

March 14, 2015

 In light of my last post on learning how to squat, I thought this was a fun follow-up. Enjoy! ... [full story]

Awareness Is the Key to Improvement

February 22, 2015

You have a dedicated weekly exercise program and yet, you feel like you are regressing; if you have less stamina, or your recovery time from sore, achy muscles is longer than it used to be, there is a reason for... [full story]

Trust--A Key Component to Transformational Change

January 27, 2015

Have you ever participated in a trust circle? You stand in the middle of the circle with your body rigid like a board and allow yourself to fall backwards letting the people on the outside of the circle catch you before... [full story]

New Year's Resolutions—Improve Your Diet and Your Back

January 12, 2015

Improved diets and New Year's resolutions seem to go hand in glove. Healthy eating requires food preparation. Food preparation requires standing at the kitchen counter of extended periods of time. Standing at the counter... [full story]

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