Improved Alignment of the Feet Promotes Better Balance and Good Running Form

March 21, 2011

To move forward you’re feet have to be going in the right direction! “Of course,” you say, “my feet point forward or I wouldn’t be able to move.” Yes that’s true to a point but if you stand still and look down you’ll probably notice that the inside edges of your feet aren’t parallel to each other; it may be subtle but you’ll see that your feet point in or splay out or one foot points forward while the other one turns in or out. These little variations in foot placement have an impact on how we shift weight and balance over our feet; it also impacts on how hard we have to work our muscles while we’re walking or running. This week’s Feldenkrais® movement lesson will help you to improve the alignment of your feet. Try doing this little sequence before you go for a run; with continued repetition your new alignment will become more habitual and encourage a more natural and balanced stride.

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