Balance Is Crutial to Effortless Running

February 28, 2011

Did you know that one of our greatest fears as a human being is—the fear of falling? Yup, this is way up on the list even ahead of public speaking! Your nervous system, that silent faithful servant that makes life as we know it possible is constantly readjusting your positioning so that you don’t fall over.
Stand in the middle of the room with your feet snug against each other. Now, close your eyes. Notice how your body keeps adjusting so that you stay upright. That is your nervous system at work. When you walk and/or run having a finely tuned nervous system is really important to maintaining balance as you move across uneven terrain.
Here is a video of an Awareness Through Movement® exploration that Susinn and I made that will help you to improve and maintain good balance.  

Stay tuned for coming soon to the internet.
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