I Walked Through the Fear and When I Looked Back Nothing Was There

January 17, 2011

Que tal? by Sandra Bradshaw--mixed media diptych

Feel the fear and do it anyway! Easy to say unless you’re faced with a blank canvas; it can turn the most courageous person into a quivering blob. My own self doubt started at six when I ran home from school crying because my attempt at a school art project wasn't as good as the example done by my teacher; I convinced myself that I was hopelessly inept and would never learn to draw let alone paint.

I managed to avoid artistic endeavors until I discovered Betty Edward’s book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. Looking at the before and after photos of her students’ drawings was mind blowing. I never realized that being able to draw accurately was all about seeing and paying attention to how we look at an object. It was time to let go of my fears and give it a try. that was over 20 years ago; once I walked through the fear and decided that I would simply “show up” and be willing things began to change. I still have struggles with the process but what would I be doing if I wasn’t creating? I’m too young to be nodding by the fire so I might as well pick up a brush and paint.

This weekend I finished the painting you see at the top of the post; it has been brewing for over a year. A friend sent me a photo last Christmas that she had taken in Mexico. I’m not sure what drew me to the image but I knew I had to paint it. I’ve included it here so you can see how far I’ve come from the stick figures of my childhood.

A friend and I have created a blog to challenge our creative process called Painting from the Corner. We post a bi-weekly art challenge and share the results of our projects. If you're an artist or an art lover LeEtta and I invite you to have a look. If you're really brave you might want to try the challenges yourself as they're posted. See you "In the Corner".
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