Four Legged Friends Benefit from the Feldenkrais Method® and Tellington-TTouch®

January 10, 2011

Last spring one of my clients approached me about working with her dog. 12 year old Vincent had recently suffered a stroke and had lost his ability to stand, walk and hold his bladder. Initially the vet told the family to prepare for the worst but after a few days Vincent seemed to be getting a little better; it was at this point that Kate asked me if I would work with him. “Sure,” I said, reasoning that the Feldenkrais Method worked well for people who were recovering from strokes so why wouldn’t it work the same way for Vincent. Improvements were dramatic; at the 8 week mark he was able to make his own way to my office and with a little assistance get in and out of the vehicle, turn from side to side and sit on his haunches. Since that time he’s come for periodic “boosts” and he’s now as frisky as a dog half his age.

Advance a few months to this Christmas when I mentioned my work with Vincent to another client. Upon hearing the story she asked me if I would work with her 8 year old pug. Magoo has a very stiff back end due to arthritis and has difficulty putting weight into her back legs. I realized that it would be more important for her to have daily work than just the weekly sessions with me. My plan was to do hands-on Feldenkrais work with Magoo once a week and Lynn and Chris (Magoo’s people) could follow up with some daily Tellington-Touch techniques which we were able to find on YouTube; Tellington TTouch which works in a similar way to Feldenkrais was developed specifically for animals. Pets don’t carry the emotional baggage that humans do and generally have no underlying issues that inhibit their recovery so it’s no surprise to me that after 2 sessions with me and daily Tellington TTouch work at home that Magoo is already walking, sitting and standing better.

I’ve included a video here that introduces Tellington-TTouch and how it works. 

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