The Voice of an Angel

September 13, 2010

There aren’t words to describe what I’ve just witnessed or how it touched my soul. It reinforces my belief that there are angels among us; beings that grace the rest of us with their presence on earth and infuse us with joy. Who would have thought that this particular angel would appear on America’s Got Talent? There are so many bizarre acts on that show that I’ll only watch it if there’s absolutely nothing else on and I’m too tired to find something else to do; apparently that’s all about to change.

It all started 2 weeks ago when I happen to turn on my least favorite show and I heard the last 10 seconds of Jackie Evancho sing. I was looking at a 10 year old but the voice was that of a mature woman; not only that she was singing an aria that normally only someone with years of training would attempt.

I immediately went on YouTube and for the next half hour was captivated as I listened to half a dozen different videos featuring this young girl. Of course I now have to watch America’s Got Talent so that I can follow Jackie through to the finals. Take a few moments to listen to Jackie Evancho sing; I guarantee you it will warm your heart and make your day just that much brighter.

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