Hands that Dance and Sing

August 20, 2010

I believe we make choices about what we learn and how much we learn. Most of us are content to become “good enough” at the skills we need to get through life but there are a few individuals that make the decision to go beyond that. I say make the decision because I believe it is just that. It doesn’t matter what we’re born with, all of us can develop a high degree of skill in some area if we set our minds to it. During the past few years TV shows like America’s Got Talent and websites like YouTube have become a showcase for many unusual talents—the best and the worst; all of these people however, have made the decision to nurture their talents; fulfill their potential. Raymond Crowe is one of these individuals and his talent lies in his hands.

We use our hands for almost everything we do. We often take them for granted and it’s only when something happens and they don’t work well that we pay attention. Our hands are so much a part of our self image that we generally don’t even think about increasing either their dexterity or functionality; they simply do what they do. Of course musicians and magicians are masters of finger dexterity but the hands still play a supporting role in these activities; what about hands that play the lead, hands that are in the starring role, hands that dance and sing? Watch this video of Raymond Crowe’s hands and you’ll se what I mean.


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