The Joy of Effortless Movement!

July 6, 2010

"Yeah right!” you say as you groan and try to shift to a more comfortable position. When you’re in the throes of such things as acute back pain or a chronic shoulder problem it is hard to imagine the transparency of fluid movement. Being human myself, I can tell you I’ve been there too. But I also know there are ways to reconnect with pleasurable movement.

OMG, I’m sounding like an infomercial. Thank God for YouTube and the technology we now enjoy so that I can shut up and give you a taste of a Feldenkrais lesson that shows that fluid movement doesn’t just belong in the realm of professional dance. Although these two videos are separate sessions it will give you an idea of how a lesson might develop from small gentle movements at the beginning to the end point where a student moves from lying on the floor to standing. In the course of the lesson the student would learn how to expend less energy and move efficiently with the support of the skeleton. The teacher is able to guide the movement so it looks like a beautifully choreographed dance.











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