Growing Up to Your Full Potential--Boy With a Ball

June 19, 2010

The old nature or nurture argument came to mind when I looked at this video of seven year old Madin Koroghli, a little boy who loves soccer and “can do anything with a ball.” We call children gifted when the talent they exhibit is far beyond the norm for their age. In this case there certainly has to be some genetic predisposition for superior hand/eye/foot coordination. It is also evident that he has been given opportunities to foster his love of movement and encouragement to motivate him to continue to develop and learn. Wisely, his parents have refused all offers for future contracts and are allowing him to grow up as a normal little boy. It will be interesting to see in 10 years if he has realized his potential as a soccer play. In any event with such caring parents there's a good chance he'll have a great life whatever he decides to do.








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