Living with Arthritis: Breathing Away Pain

March 15, 2016



Breathe your pain from arthritis away.

When you live with arthritis, one method to alleviate, or at least decrease, the pain from arthritis is to breathe it away.

We tend to focus directly on our pain and try to force it to go away by stretching against it and this often leads to holding the breath.  This is counter productive because it further tightens a body that’s already tense from trying to resist pain. Inevitably, when we do this, the pain increases and the struggle continues.

Let's try a different strategy.

First of all make yourself as comfortable as possible. Arrange yourself on your bed or in a comfy chair and support yourself with pillows anywhere that feels like it needs it. Once you’re settled, find a place in your body that feels neutral (if you’re in a lot of pain the area may be as small as your elbow, your cheek or the tip of your little finger—size doesn’t matter at this point) and move your attention through that area to the edges of the pain. Now, breathe along that edge imagining that you’re melting away the pain with your breath. Take your time and be gentle; it will work much better than force. Your breathing should be light and easy just as it is when you wake up from a deep satisfying sleep so don’t fill your lungs to the point of bursting. Continue to let your breath and your attention move around your body seeking out soft open areas and enjoy the sensations it creates.

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