Seniors Making a Difference, Andrea Gunderson, Artist

May 14, 2010

A fellow traveler on the road to adventure is my friend and inspiration, Andrea Gunderson. Our friendship like so many things in my present life had its beginnings during my Feldenkrais® training in Boulder CO. Although we both were committed to learning more about the Feldenkrais Method, it wasn’t long before I discovered that Andrea’s overriding passion in life was art. When we weren’t rolling around on the floor doing Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons she was posed in front of her easel painting her impressions of the world as it moved around her.

Eventually art trumped movement and Andrea left the program to finish her fine arts degree. We did keep in touch and I promised to visit her in Berkeley CA if I ever had the opportunity. By the time I saw her a year later Andrea had been involved in a horrific situation. She had suffered extensive brain damage and was trying to pick up the pieces and bring her life back together. Over 10 years later she’s alive, well and painting exquisite pieces as she moves into her senior years.

When I wrote to Andrea to tell her that I’d like to feature her on my blog I asked her if there was anything she would like people to know. This was her reply:

"You see with my frontal lobe injury I have a short memory loss, and I forget everything but that’s something I need to live with, the best I can. When you do the piece on me…give hope to people, that think the worst of themselves, that they cannot make it. It’s true about living in the present, and I quote Marion Woodman, "one must go to the darkest depths to release the brightest light".

"Japanese Sky"  26 x 24 oil on wood

Click here to visit Andrea's website to see more of her amazing work.


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