Seniors Making a Difference: Dr. Sondra Fields

May 10, 2010

You can only acquire wisdom through life experience that has been tempered by self reflection and a willingness to be scrupulously honest. Women who have taken this journey are our greatest unrecognized treasures in a culture that sadly disenfranchises its elders. Dr. Sondra Fields has set out to change that and to help women of all ages to recognize their worth. She wants each woman to become “strong and rooted in her knowing that anyone looking at her will know she is lit and that her light can never be extinguished.”

 Fields own journey began at 50 when she made a six month trek to Mexico to find an elder Indian wise woman, Guadalupe de la Cruz Rios who would allow her to study and journey into the sacred lands of the Huichols. Many aspects of this journey can be found in Dr. Field’s newsletter Corn Mother News.

Click here to read more about the Corn Mother logo that appears on Dr. Field’s website.

My own connection with Sondra began with my Feldenkrais training in Boulder CO. We were given a list of possibilities for housing in our registration package and as I phoned the numbers on the list I eventually I spoke to a woman with whom I felt and instant connection and had a room available; that woman was Sondra. At that time she was completing her doctorate from The Union Institute. Over the next four years I came to value Sondra’s friendship and the insights that we shared on the mysteries of aging. She was the one that helped me to sort out my feelings about my mother’s steady decent towards dementia. 


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