Moving Forward

April 4, 2010

A Facebook friend suggested that I might want to invest in the Vibram Five Fingers ladies’ dress shoes. I did have a look at them but I do think that shoes I’m wearing in the attached photo are more flattering. Of course, it’s the whole package that makes it a fashion statement to be reckoned with. I’ve no doubt that it will catch on as soon as my Twitter and Facebook followers get the word out to the world at large. Please indulge my attempt at a little humor.

I thought my goofiness was apropos as I had just finished reading an article in the Globe and Mail that suggested the key to aging well is to “laugh it up”. As things go these days we baby boomers are likely here for the long haul; if we want to live quality lives we will need a liberal sprinkling of humor to make life palatable as we negotiate the slippery slope of aging (VFFs might help but perhaps the clown suit is more appropriate yet). The book on review was You Could Live a Long Time: Are You Ready and the author Lyndsay Green has a lot of sound advice. Here is a recap of some of the advice she serves up:

  1. Be Charming. When the only thing you have left in the world is you and there are less and less reasons for people to hang out with you (i.e. you’re no longer the CEO of an important company where everyone wants to be your BFF) charm just might make the difference between isolation and a support system of good friends.
  2. Accept your diminishing capacities with humor. Hopefully you’ll keep your marbles for years to come but the simple fact is that you may no longer be brightest penny in the pile so if you forget the theory of relativity or the names of all the German baroque composers or why you went to the grocery store, cut your self some slack and laugh it off rather than resent the fact that you occasionally forget things.
  3. Continue to give your life purpose. When you retire from your day job make sure that there’s something that you love to do so that you continue to be a valued, contributing member of the community.
  4. Live fully in the moment and treat life as a gift (this is something I aspire to every day).

I also found a link to another article about Lyndsay Green on-line so if you're interested Click here to read more.

Have a good one!


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