What Feldenkrais Practitioners Do When They Are Not Teaching Classes and Private Sessions

August 24, 2018

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, of course!

Why? Because most of us who have gone through the Feldenkrais training did it for personal reasons and have not been strangers to pain, range of motion issues and other physical challenges. We found something in this work that not only helped us to improve but became a lifestyle choice.

There are two ways to go in life—either up or down. You can continue to learn and improve your abilities or you can stop participating in life and lose your mental and physical acuity.

Many years ago I chose the former and I have never regretted that decision. Of course age still gets in there and my energy level has decreased a bit but I still manage to do more than a lot of people half my age. In my mid 50’s I developed a chronic problem with my low back—nothing horrific but a feeling that if I wasn’t careful my back might give out on me (which it actually did from time to time). For 10 years I tried all sorts of things including lots of Feldenkrais movement lessons but something was still missing as I couldn’t seem to get past the problem. Then I had a bolt of insight! Yes I was doing movement lessons that would temporarily “fix” the problem but, I wasn’t challenging myself to go beyond that. When asked what the Feldenkrais Method can do for people, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais replied, “We make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant.” In other words, if you want to improve your ability to move well you can’t just stop at “well enough.” You have to work towards refining and improving what you can do. So to this end, I chose a series of lessons I had done during my training called Heels Under Pelvis lessons that are physically very challenging (see video). I could do them when I was in my forties but now I was pushing 65 and with the back problem was definitely on the downward slide since I couldn’t even get close to doing all the variations of movements in the 9 lessons. What to do? I decided I would work with this series slowly and gently doing what I could, finding other lessons to extend my abilities when I came upon roadblocks, and when even that was impossible using my kinesthetic imagination to make the impossible slightly less impossible. It took me a year of dedicated practice and at the end of that year not only was I able to do all the movements easily my back problem was gone. Five years on and I am still pain free, and at 69 I can do the series comfortably.

I love the work I do and I love sharing it with others.

Movement is life!

If we want to live out our years fully both mentally and physically we have to put in the work. Things happen and we don’t always get exactly what we want but with the Feldenkrais Method it will help you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. On that note, please consider joining a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement class. There are now even on-line classes that you can do from home so there are no excuses! Go ahead, I challenge you to make Feldenkrais a lifestyle choice.

Here's the 3 minute video I made for you! If you enjoy my videos, please pop over to YouTube to subscribe to my Feldenkrais channel. 


About Sandra and The Feldenkrais Method®

Sandra Bradshaw, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Functional Movement Specialist will help you to boost your capacity to move effortlessly. With a background in special education, yoga, functional movement, and music, Sandra integrates this knowledge with the latest brain research to help you find solutions to your personal needs that are effective and long lasting. If you are interested in more information or would like to make an appointment, call Sandra today at 250 862 8489.

The Feldenkrais Method® created by physicist Moshe Feldenkrais, PhD., combines precisely structured movement sequences with the latest advances in brain research; it will help you recover from specific areas of injury such as the neck and shoulders or to improve fluidity and ease in sports, recreational activities or life. Join the ranks of such notables as actress Whoopi Goldberg, cellist YoYo Ma and the members of the Canadian Men’s Alpine Ski Team in experiencing the benefits of this method.


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