The Straight Goods on Chronic Pain—The Evidence Is Compelling

February 22, 2018


Hello! It’s great to be back home after 6 weeks in Puerto Vallarta. 

During my stay in PV I went with friends to a beachside restaurant to watch the sun sink below the horizon. The sunset was beautiful and I was thrilled to hold its light in my hand. Although it’s an illusion I felt the energy of the moment and brought it home with me. As a result I feel relaxed, restored and ready to get back to work.

The Straight Goods on Chronic Pain—The Evidence Is Compelling

Research now confirms pain is real BUT the issue is not in the muscle tissue, IT’S IN THE BRAIN. The brain controls pain but tissue damage is not the measurement for the amount of pain produced, the brain only sends pain as a function of protection from further injury. In fact, the brain learns to produce pain. The good news is, the brain can be retrained to stop producing pain when it’s not necessary. The key to retraining the brain is movement. Movement is critical in gradually suppressing the pain system. Watch the following videos to learn more.

Tame the Beast (5 minutes)

Pain Revolution (21 minutes)


March, 2018 Classes with Cindy Shave

March Group classes will take place beginning the week of March 12th to March 30th as follows:

Tuesday Evening Class:  7:30-8:30
Wednesday Morning Class: 10:00-11:00

$20.00 per class

Where: Sandra Bradshaw’s Kelowna Studio – 1234 Richter Street

Please call Cindy Shave at 250-878-0780

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