If You Can’t Bend Your Knees You’re Hooped

January 11, 2017

Our knee joints are among the most important joints of the body. If you can’t bend your knees or have difficulty bending your knees it precludes participation in almost every activity available to us humans. Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, curling, ice skating and skiing all require soft knees. To walk safely on ice your also need soft knees to place your feet firmly on the ground. If you suffer from arthritis knees often take a hit as both standing and walking become laborious.

So, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or spend the winter in the comfort of your armchair, this mini-move is beneficial for everyone. It will help your brain/nervous system feel the connections between the ankles, knees and hips for better organized coordinated movement. Follow along with the video or follow the directions at the end of the blog. I have also provided a list of other blog articles and videos that will help you improve the spring in your knees.

* Stand in the middle of the floor with your feet a comfortable distance apart. Bend and straighten your hips, knees and ankles as if you are starting to sit down. About half way to the sitting position stop there are stand back up again. Notice how this feels. Now, lean against a wall with your feet far enough away that the wall is supporting your weight.

* Bend from the hip joints keeping your back long (as if take a bow but only go to about 45 degrees). Return to your starting position.

* This time, as you bend forward, bend your right knee as you look towards the floor—don’t lift your heel off the floor when you bend your knee. Simultaneously, unbend your knee and bring your back to the wall.

* Now that you know the movement, repeat it slowly a few times. Notice how your hip and ankle bend slightly as you bend your knee.

* Rest a moment before repeating the sequence with the other leg a few times.

* Now, alternate the bending of the knees and bowing—it will begin to feel like you’re walking.

* Repeat the first movement. Stand away from the wall and repeat the first instruction. Notice how your legs respond to the bending motion now.

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