Bones For Life Program

October 4, 2016


The Bones for Life program is designed to increase bone strength safely and effectively. It is suitable for women and men of all ages. Through the simple, easy movement processes of the Bones for Life program, you will learn gradually and safely how to:

* Develop a springy, dynamic walk that transmits a gentle but effective force through the whole body promoting bone health and strength
* Align your posture into safe, weight-bearing, effortless uprightness
* Enhance the pleasure of moving in a pain-free functional way

Bones for Life was inspired by studies of African women who bear heavy loads on their heads with effort and grace. These women have only 5% of the bone fractures of western women despite lower bone density. 

Watch the Water Carriers Walk on YouTube:

What is the secret to strong bones that these African women possess?

Bones are the super structure that is able to support body weight in an affective alignment. Bone strength depends upon the activity level and the amount of weight bearing delivered to the bones in a rhythmic and systematic way. It is the rhythmical pulsations of lively steps that enable the blood, which carries nutrients and oxygen, to penetrate the solid tissue of the bones and provide for growth of new bone cells. This is what happens when the African women carry weight on their heads on a daily basis and why they have healthier bones than western women. 

Building Bones with Movement Intelligence

Ruthy Alon describes Bones for Life

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