More Info on Barefoot Running

March 25, 2010

Apparently there are other manufacturers out there creating attachable soles for barefoot running. After my last posting I had a response from a fellow in Boulder Colorado who wears Invisible Shoes when he runs.
These are in effect protective soles that you tie on your feet—they look similar to a Roman sandal. Apparently Chris McDougall, in his best-selling book, Born to Run (which is available through my bookstore in the general interest section) describes huaraches, the running sandals of the Tarahumara Indians as, “a strip of rubber from an old tire and some string or lace to hold it on.” Invisible Shoes are a high tech and yet inexpensive answer to these traditional huaraches. To further cut the cost they even have a DIY version. So if you’ve been thinking about barefoot running this is your opportunity to check out a few options. Happy running!


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