Multitasking Is Out! Focused Attention Is In!

December 2, 2015


Multitasking is actually not possible. According to John Medina author of the book, Brain Rules, our brain is built so that we can attend to only one thing at a time. We may be able to do this quickly enough that it feels like our attention is in several places at once but in actual fact, it is not!


For those in the workforce who need to stay on top of their productivity, doing one task at a time with full attention will get the job done faster and better than trying to do two or even three things at once. The same thing applies in domestic situations. If you have a child crying, something cooking on the stove and a ringing telephone happening simultaneously, take your time and prioritize according to importance of the tasks. 


If you feel from too much multitasking and your nervous system has kicked into flight or flight, pause a moment and take a few relaxing breaths. Make the exhale longer than the inhale. With each exhale, consciously feel your shoulders sink down and feel how they can rest on the top of your rib cage.


Now that you’re more relaxed enjoy the rest of your day!


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