Lean into Your Turns for More Comfortable Driving

September 16, 2015

Drive with easeHow do you handle the curves in the road? Do you anticipate a turn and allow your body to move into it or do you brace yourself against it? If you’re a bracer you’re adding a lot of stress and tension to your already tired body.





If you have a few moments practice the following before you get into your car.




Put your hands on the steering wheel and your foot on the accelerator. Imagine that you’re coming up to a turn. Allow your whole body to move into the turn (you would have to do this if you were on a motor cycle—if you didn’t you’d fall off).









If you’re imagining turning to the right, you’d lean into your right shoulder, your left shoulder would come a little towards the steering wheel and your head and eyes would go to the right to look where you’re turning.










Once you’ve rounded the imaginary corner, allow yourself to settle back to your original position.










This time, imagine you’re turning to the left. Remember to include all the parts of yourself as you turn. 






Now you’re ready for a road test. Notice if turning feels smoother when you move with the turn.

Interestingly, when you are in your vehicle driving, your brain considers your body and your vehicle to be one entity. Brain research now shows that you have specific neurons that map your personal space. That space doesn’t end with the surface of your skin but extends beyond that to include anything you are attached to. With this in mind, it stands to reason that the more you are able to move with your vehicle, the less strain there will be on your body and the better driver you’ll be.

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