The Dog Days of Summer are Upon Us!

August 11, 2015

The dog days of summer are upon us. It’s time to sit back with a cool drink, read a book or contemplate life. It’s also the perfect time to bring out one of my favorite doggy photo from a trip to Hawaii several years ago! What was it about the way this dog was lying there, relaxed and oblivious to the world around him that has had me thinking about him ever since? I guess the answer is that I find his adaptability remarkable. It also makes me question my own adaptability.

Typically, as humans age we become more set in our ways. Not only our bodies but our minds become rigid. Over time our options diminish and we are held prisoner to our habits. Do I want this to be the way my own life is heading? No, not by a long shot! From all the brain research and my own discoveries about living, I know it doesn’t have to be this way. I have the ability to make choices and to live a conscious life.

The greatest gift we are given in life is adversity. Adversity forces adaptability. Take the puppy in my photo as an example. There is sharp craggy rock (lava actually) all around him. He had to adjust and be able to slide his body between the rocks and find comfort in a tough situation. Obviously he adapted because he’s completely relaxed and content. Can I be relaxed and content even when the spot where I want to rest is rocky?

Complacency and habit are traps that lead us to living on auto-pilot. If we don’t actively engage our brain we lose our ability to respond to life on life’s terms. There is a saying that I’ve always held close to my heart—make stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I plan to walk my life’s path with that in mind.

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