How Long is Your Neck?

May 2, 2017


Silly question? …maybe not! When I ask clients this question inevitably they will point from the area just under the chin to the sternal notch which is the dip at the top of the breast bone. Visually this is what we consider the neck but functionally it’s quite different. The cervical spine that constitutes all of the vertebrae in the neck ends much higher in the middle of the head at a point between the ears and just behind the nose.

Turn slowly from side to side including the small portion of your neck (as you normally think of it).

Now think of turning your neck in the expanded way up to the point between your ears and behind your nose.

How does this feel different from the first way you turned?

Now you know how far the top of your neck extends but what about the bottom end? Technically the lower end of your neck does stop at about the level of the sternal notch but the muscles that control the movement of the neck extend down much lower than that. Those muscles extend down to about the level of the armpits.

This time as your turn your head, think about your neck muscles extending from the top of the cervical spine between your ears down to the level of your armpits. Do this movement slowly a few times and notice if having a different image of the function of your neck makes a difference to the range and quality of your turning.

Go back to turning only that small portion of your neck that you did at the beginning. Isn’t it amazing what a difference a change in self image can make to your ability to do something!

News this week: 
Susinn Shaler joins me in my studio.

Celebrating Feldy Week. Read my article from 2014 when Moshe Feldenkrais would have turned 100.

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