'tis the season

December 10, 2013

It always surprises me when I find myself knee deep in winter with Christmas right around the corner. However, winter it is, and it's time to get that body in shape so you can reach the top branches of that tree and shovel that snow! Whatever you celebrate this season, my wish to you is that you are surrounded by good friends, good food and good times. Shovelling snow, trimming the tree, last minute cleaning and reaching the highest shelf in the cupboard, all require lengthening.  Try it - you'll like it!

  • Stand up and reach with your dominant hand and arm. Notice how it feels!
  • Lie down on the floor on your side with your dominant side up. Rest your head on your other arm or put something under your head to support it.
  • Bend your legs at the knees and hips so that you are in a “sitting” position. Bend your elbow so that your arm is parallel to your body and your hand is up near your face with the palm down.
  • Flex your ankle and push through your heel as you straighten your leg. At the same time lengthen your top arm and reach your arm above your head (remember you are not reaching towards the ceiling but above your head as it lies on the floor—your leg, trunk and arm should be more or less in line) and then return your leg and arm to their resting places.
  • Do this movement several times and each time you lengthen feel that your hand and heel are pushing away from your body.
  • Stand up and reach again with your dominant arm noticing the added length and ease of the movement. Also notice that you are pushing through your leg as you reach up.
  • Repeat the sequence with the other arm and leg.

When you are decorating your tree use both hands to decorate and use your whole body as you do it.



Stretches feel good, but they only lengthen muscles for about 6 hours, then they revert back to their default settings ( set by habits). That\'s why we have to keep doing them.
Using the Feldenkrais Method gives your brain/nervous system a chance to feel alternative ways of moving & releases the habitual patterns that make it necessary to stretch.If all our muscles are their full resting length, we are more efficient & powerful. It\'s so nice to play with ease, rather than have to stretch.

- MadeleineEdgar

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