Do you wrestle with a nagging pain in your low back?

September 19, 2013
What We Do Is Intimately Connected to How We Feel 

(it’s not always about exercising)

Lower Back PainI’ve experienced low back pain that, to be honest, wasn't that bad—it didn’t prevent me from working and I was able to do everything I’ve ever done. It was like a constant annoying hum in the background reminding me there is some weakness not being addressed. I tried everything including acupuncture, Rolfing, craniosacral and, of course, Feldenkrais. They all gave me temporary relief although the pain continued to nag at me.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Here’s what I realized was going on—once I was totally honest with myself—I had been loading myself with more and more tasks. They started out as fun things I wanted to do. They ended up as obligations to meet and deadlines to make.

When this happens the fun transforms into a chore. When these tasks involve other people does it become doubly difficult to extricate yourself? Do you feel like you have to back peddle and make excuses?  Why this should be the case I’m not sure, since we are only human and imperfect. I’m always the first person to forgive the mistakes of others and the last person to forgive myself—you’re probably with me in that one!

At any rate, as the obligations and must do’s mounted, my back problem became chronic. I finally had had a reality check and realized that I had to get my internal house in order. I asked myself “Why do I continue to do things that drag me down?” If this happened to you, and you were my client, I’d be telling you to eliminate all the should do’s and start to find things that make your heart sing.

So, hard as it was to admit that I needed to change, I took my own advice. As I began to cross thing off my “should do” list, I started to feel a little better. My back has miraculously improved and it is made room for me to pay attention to the things that make a difference in life. Feeling happy and healthy, and no longer wrestling with pain.

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Hi Sandra,

This is a great article. It reminds us to be more selective when it comes to the things others act of us. Only do the things that are in alignment with your values and goals.


- Pamela Lynch

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