Maintain inner clarity through body movement

September 13, 2013

Clarity with respect to one’s passion and goals can help make living that passion and realizing those goals much easier. Can body movement and a greater range of body motion help with finding and maintaining inner clarity?

A conversation between Jeremy Blattner, Carie Bicchieri, Sandra Bradshaw

Life is about choices. Clarity comes when we know what we want and are able to make good decisions based on the array of choices at our disposal. When the nervous system is highly developed and has the information it needs to stay in balance there is clarity and decisions are easily made. The intention and action are clear and can be acted on without anxiety.

The first choices we have as human beings are basic to body functioning. Movements start out as random acts when those movements are rewarded in some way we are reinforced to do that movement again. The most primitive choice is to do or not do something. As we begin to grow and mature, through our curiosity we begin to reach out into the world, learn more and gradually we begin to have more choices. Our nervous systems are built to handle complexity and the more life experience we have the more complex our brain patterns become. A baby can breathe, root for milk, cry, and little else. The patterns of movement in a new born are primitive, s/he can flex or extend but doesn’t know how to rotate, reach, etc. The basic needs of the child are met by reflexive and autonomic actions—breathing, sucking, defecating and crying.

Carie said, “The movement towards complexity became really evident to me years ago when I learned how to use a computer. At first I had only a rudimentary understanding—how to turn it on, how to get to my email, how to find the MSWord program to write something. I only had one way into the programs I used and one way out. I was able to use the computer but I had no idea how to expand that use. Gradually, I became familiar with the rudiments and started to gain enough confidence to explore further. Eventually the complexity of the computer became “transparent” to my needs and I was able to use it skillfully.”


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