I’m Back!

December 13, 2012
Apparently I can only juggle two balls at a time these days which is why my blog has been lying fallow for the last six plus months. Apparently, writing a blog and a book while also trying to have a life was too much and something had to be temporarily deactivated (in this case the blog). Now that my book, Wake Up Your Body & Brain has been published I’m back to blogging! 
Writing a book wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever tackled. It seemed like a great idea at the start but in the midst of its birthing, I often wanted to pack my bag and go home. By that time however, I was in too deep (like being in real labor) and there was nothing to be done but carry on. So with the help of a few wonderful people that believed in my project it went ahead. On October 19, 2012 the book was printed and launched. Now that its finished and the labor pains a far off memory, I’m basking the glow of parenting a book that I’m proud of. 
To give you an idea of content I’m including the blurb on the back cover of my book, Wake Up Your Body & Brain.
Small movements make BIG changes
Feel relaxed and renewed, vital and free as you move through your day. Dump the no pain no gain philosophy and reclaim the smooth, effortless movement you experienced as a child. Brain research now proves there is a fun, easy alternative to boring, arduous exercise and that movement can be delicious and easy no matter what your age. 
This book contains a goldmine of ideas that will assist your brain and body to combine forces to boost your capacity to feel comfortable and move effortlessly. Discover quick effective strategies that work like magic, are supported by the latest brain research, and have proven results with thousands of satisfied clients. 
All this in nine, easy to follow lessons. There are over 100 illustrations to guide you through the movements so you can experience immediate results.
  • Boost your body’s level of health and well-being
  • Reduce tension and discomfort 
  • Improve your posture
  • Enhance the equality and range of your turning and bending
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