Bionics Come of Age

April 8, 2012
Hollywood has had a fascination with bionic super-humans for decades, from the 1970’s Six Million Dollar Man to the more recent Terminators and Cyborgs. However, what was once science fiction is now a reality. Okay, maybe we can’t construct a super hero out of a broken body but we do have the technology to make life easier for those who are quadriplegic and paraplegic with amazing reconstructive surgeries. Take Debbie Graham for example, who became a quadriplegic at 23 and was unable to do even the most simple task to look after herself. Recently she had a tendon transplant and then further surgeries to implant electrodes to stimulate the muscles to move her arm. She is now able to feed herself, brush her hair and many other small tasks that the rest of us take for granted.
Watch this beautiful TEDMED talk as Andrew Dawson tells Debbie’s story.

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