When the Heat’s Turned Up Slowly, It’s a Shock When You Find You’re Being Cooked!

October 29, 2011

 The story goes something like this. A frog is placed in a pot of cool water; while he swims around enjoying himself, the heat is turned up so gradually that he’s not aware of the change in temperature or that it's not as comfortable as it was at first. The awareness doesn’t come until it’s too late and he can’t jump out because he’s already partially cooked! Sounds a little ghoulish but it does make a point. We humans don’t as a general rule find ourselves in a pot on the stove but we have more subtle ways of getting into hot water that are just as damaging as being cooked. And like the frog we don’t realize it until we reach a tipping point that makes it challenging and sometimes near impossible to return to safety.
In my case, I turn up the heat by taking on more and more commitments until I’m cooking in that proverbial hot water; instead of jumping out I seem to thing that swimming harder will solve the problem (i.e. taking on even more commitments). It’s rather odd that as a Feldenkrais practitioner, I’m always telling people to keep it simple, take it slowly, go easy, don’t effort and here I am doing exactly the opposite; it has been said that we teach what we need to learn and that certainly is the case for me. If I kept turning it up a notch I would eventuall it a tipping point then even one more activity, no matter how pleasant it seems would make it almost impossible to come back to a place of ease and comfort.  This is the place where chronic conditions live and where the quality of life starts to decline.

Fortunately for me I'm not so bull headed that I totally ignore the signals my body sends me so I've been able to reclaim a life of ease and simplicity. Last month, while on vacation I finally started listening to my body and to realize what I had been doing to myself. My husband, and I spent a week in a little cabin by the ocean; an absolutely beautiful place to rest. Most of the week I was aware of an undercurrent of feeling that I “should be doing something” and yet every time I started to engage in anything more than turning the pages of the book or go for a walk, my body would rebel. I’m happy to report that by the end of the week, sitting doing nothing felt great! 

 I now realize that if I continue to ignore my tipping point next time it might not be so easy to recover. Getting the mind and body aligned to enhance my well being is now my mission. This fall I have decided that I won’t take on any added commitments and that I will be content to continue my Feldenkrais practice which I love and have so much fun doing, write my blog occasionally (if you’ve been following my blog you’ll notice that my entries has become fewer and farther between) and do a little painting when it feels right. Other than that I plan to spend time with me, reacquaint myself with the idea that I have all the time in the world to simply enjoy life; no strings attached.

I took this photo on the beach in front of our cablin. The calm washed over me as I sat and watched this magnificent bird.

Sitting on the verandah watching the sunset is better than almost anything I can imagine.

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