Gravity Baby!

September 26, 2011

After only a 9 month apprenticeship of relating to gravity, this little girl is amazing. You can see as you watch the video clip that her coordination and body awareness is exceptional and it’s no wonder that if we fast forward 7 years she is now an aspiring gymnast. If you listen carefully to the recording of her voice in the background, you’ll notice that she’s already talking in phrases and short sentences. In the lexicon of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons the squatting and bringing the knees over the feet is featured more than once. Might I say, that as adults this is a very challenging movement sequence!

It is thanks to my friend Helen Workman, a Feldenkrais colleague and friend in Victoria that this video was birthed; when she and I had a visit together a few weeks ago, Helen shared this with me. In my opinion this is a piece that should go viral; it’s that amazing.

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