A New Beginning

February 28, 2010

Photo: Boulder Colorado Feldenkrais Professional Training Program 1999


To commit close to a year's salary and 8 months of your life to something on the strength of a 30 minute instructional video is only slightly lower on the insanity scale than quitting a tenured job, moving 1000 km and starting a business with only $3000 in the bank.

In the space of 4 years I did both of these things. If I were 20 years old it would have been an adventure encouraged by friends and family but at 50 most of my friends probably thought I was over the top nuts. I was so gripped by the enormity of what I felt during my first Awareness Through Movement lesson that in less time than it takes to say Feldenkrais I scrapped the idea of becoming a yoga teacher and began the search for a Feldenkrais training program. I guess some things are simply meant to be as I was led to an ad in Yoga Journal that advertised a training in Boulder Co starting in August of 1995. It would meet for two months a year for 4 years. August wouldn't be a problem but March would be a little sticky to orchestrate as school districts notoriously have a habit of wanting their teachers to be available to teach for all 10 months of the school year. My ace in the whole was that I as a special education teacher the training would enhance my skills.

Ignorance can be bliss because when I submitted my request for time off to do the training I simply assumed that it would be granted. 2 years later I found out I was the only person that had ever been granted a mid-year leave to do any kind of training not linked to a university. Had I known that at the outset I might have talked myself out of even trying to get the time off. So there you have it, a little snippet of my life and how I got from there to here unscathed and bubbling with enthusiasm for life. From here on in I will let the blog wander in whatever direction I happen to be going on any given day. Where ever my interest goes that's what I'll be writing about.

Check in to see where I'm going and what I'm thinking. Maybe there will be something of interest for you!




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