Art that Moves Me: the Work of Angela Bonten

May 31, 2011

A painting by its very nature is the culmination of the physical and mental process of the artist frozen in time. As observers, we see the result of movement as it is recorded in the painting and not the movement itself.For me the ultimate test of an art work is its ability to take me beyond that frozen moment; the transparency of the artist's skill evident only in her ability to draw me into the painting and take me on a journey of discovery. Angela Bonten's work does that for me.Recently Anjy sent me a link to a video she did that shows the process she went through with her most recent work. I would like to share it with you now. Angela is a painter and fiber artist who works and teaches at studio 113 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts in Kelowna, British Columbia. If you want to read more about Angela’s work, her commentary follows under the video.

Evolutionary Fugue
Evolution - a process of change
Fugue - a composition or phrase started by one person, taken up by another and further developed by interweaving the parts

The exhibition is about growth, healing, change, community and self discovery.

We exist in a constant state of change.  Our thoughts, conversations and  words of today will not be remembered verbatim tomorrow.  We absorb and remember snippets of what happens to us and, at a later date, reiterate only partial memories of those thoughts and words. This exhibition integrates the journaling of the participants into the artistic process and vision of the artist.
The process involved fifteen people who were asked to journal on a pre-washed canvas for approximately six weeks. Bonten then began recreating the canvas, jumbling the words through a process of ripping, re-sewing, painting and adding to the canvas. The finished artwork was a rich textured, tapestry like the capsule of a moment in each person’s life. 
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