Catching My Breath: Phase I of Is a Done Deal

April 23, 2011

Things change quickly when the intention is clear and the timing and circumstances are right! Four months ago two of my colleagues, Susinn Shaler, Brent Kisilevich and I had the audacity to think that we could create a workshop to transition to barefoot running using the Feldenkrais Method®. Not too difficult until you factor in the geographical challenges of living in Canada; Susinn and I live 2 ½ hours drive from each other and Brent is halfway between us both.
At our first meeting in January we made a list of everything we would have to do to bring this to reality. It was a long list. To put on workshop on a barefoot running workshop we would:
• target a clientele
• create a name and a logo and design t-shirts we could wear as a team when delivering the workshop
• design a dedicated website where people would register on-line, sell products, give people value added information
• develop a marketing strategy that would later be used as a template for a workshop start up kit
• create a blog,
• film videos of short Feldenkrais® inspired movement lessons
• work together with a team approach and learn from each other
• record audio files of lessons so that participants could revisit the Awareness Through Movement Lessons used in the workshop on a closed website for their exclusive use
• be scared, don’t do it alone, make mistakes, have fun, be open to where things take us, share our talents


At our debriefing session this past Monday we went over our goals and expectations and in every area we exceeded our wildest expectations. How did we do it? Modern technology played its part; we were able to conference call several times a week through Skype, send a copious number of emails and pool our skills and resources. Dedication to the task and a willingness to learn more about marketing and developing a viable product also played a large part in our success.
To sum up, we were able to deliver our product to a total of 40 participants over 3 workshops that included physiotherapists, personal trainers, a rep from one of the leading running shoe company in North America and a lot of people who had never experienced the Feldenkrais Method before the workshop. It was a thrill for me to see these people transform their running style in less than 4 hours and become so light on their feet it was like watching wind move. 

The pilot project is now over but but we will continue to refine and present our workshop to scores of runners and walkers. We now have a template for workshops that we will share in the near future with our Feldenkrais colleagues so that they will be able to market and present this material without having to reinvent the wheel yet again. Stay tuned for more running updates on our website  
If you have any questions or comments visit me, as feldylady on Twitter or on my Facebook page under Sandra Bradshaw, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner. 
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